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Turn your horse into a Whimsical Clay sculptures

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Custom Sculpture

All my sculpts are handmade, I make a wire amature before adding clay, all eyes are glass. Not a single one is alike as I use no molds to make them.

I try my best to match the color of your horse as well as pattern, that being said color and markings may be off a bit.

They can and will break if dropped.

Below is a idea on pricing for a custom figure.

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What I will need from you. 4 photos of each side, front and back of horse. The more pictures you can give me of your horses markings the better i can try to match them. 

I will also need the following info- Pose, add ons
Below is a idea on pricing.

Basic Pricing
Starting Price $45.00 plus shipping (9.00 USA)

I will ship anywhere in the world at buyers cost.

Standing, sitting, laying down, rolling are included in basic price
Rearing pose is a Extra $8.00
This takes a lot more time and clay to balance.


Soild patterns/color, including socks, blaze, star, etc is included in basic price (also a small belly spot).

Pinto pattern, Appy,brindle, dapple, are a extra $5.00 to $10.00 depending on pattern.
These patterns are harder and take more time.

Add ons

Will included a few flowers, or one color plain style halter. in basic price.

Saddles including bridles are a Extra $8.00

Harness extra $8.00

Blankets, bell boots, leg wraps,
are extra $2.00

Unicorn horn is free

Wings types

Butter fly wings  (these are not clay) $10.00

Pegasus mini style wings $5.00

Full scale wings- these wings are large and take a wire mesh for support and a lot of extra clay and time. $25.00

Note: I have done horses jumping over a fence if you have a idea run it by me I may have done it or willing to try something new.

​I will also do other types of animals pricing is the same for other animals as well, but message me first I may not be able to take that order at this time.