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Custom order list

This is a basic list to help you figure out the order is which your custom order will be started.

When you place a order you will get a number that i will email/facebook you and below each number is how many customs are in that order.  I start from the top of the list and work my way down.

I understand that some may be birthday gift so please keep in mind I WILL NOT JUMP AHEAD so that being said you may not get it in time for the birthday person.

Your number is based on when you order. Exsample if  4 people place a order ahead of you, your order will be behind theirs.

I can not give you a time frame on when they will be compleated. I try my best to get them out as fast as I can but, I will not sacrifice quality of my sculptuers to get them done faster. I'm very proud of my work and try my best to make each one perfect as I can.

If you have read both my custom Sculptuers page as far as price quotes, as well as looked at the list of orders below and would like to be placed on the custom list there is a $25.00 non refundable deposit for each pony you want to have made.

I will let you know ahead of time that your order will be started soon, at that time if there was some add-on that you wanted to ad to your custom pony you had placed a deposit on, or wanted to change the pose that would be the time to get that info to me. As once I start things can not always be changed.

I will also at that time be sending the remaining balance on your custom order and that is to be paid in full before I start. If for any reason you are unable to pay the balance due at that time we can talk and get it figured out.

Keep in mine you can not add more ponies to your custom order at a later date, adding another custom at a later date will be a new order. This will not make your first order go down the list, but will just be making another order on the list. Please keep that in mind.

Once again if you have read my custom page for prices and have read the above info and still want to get in line for a custom feel free to hit the add to cart now and type in the number of ponies you wish to order and make your deposit. If you do not have paypal message me I can take payment another way!

NOTE: If you have another animal you want done thats not a horse message me before placing a order

Thank you and I cant wait to make your very own horse a keepsake!  

Once deposited is compleated please e-mail me or message me on facebook with your horses info!
Order List
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